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St Mary's Church Field Orchard
Work party reports 2022

  • Working party 16 January 2022
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    We had a very successful and enjoyable work party in the community orchard yesterday morning. We had a great turnout with 22 volunteers coming along. This is the most people we’ve had since March 2020 (also 22) and only one less than our previous recent ‘high’ of 23 in January 2019. We’d had some overnight rain, so the ground was damp, and we had a shower late morning, otherwise it was dry and mild with a little sunshine; ideal working weather! Our jobs included:
    • The main job was trimming down the main hedge between the orchard and allotments. We reduced the height to just above the top of the fence behind the hedge. We also cut off some stray branches from the sides. Arisings were stashed in a pile near to the west entrance, for the Town Council to remove when convenient (please). We also tackled the hedge at the end between the allotments and wildlife area. We had 12 people on this job at one point, which is why we were able to get so much done!
    • Some weeding of the bog garden
    • Some weeding of the pollinator bed
    • Bramble, broom and grass was cut from around the bug hotel, making it much clearer and accessible to local wildlife!
    • Four tree circles were weeded
    • Some preparation ahead of Wassail, planned for the afternoon, that included the erection of the gazebo in the performance area.