St Mary's Church Field Orchard
Working sessions 2021

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9th May 2021
Sunday 9th May 2021: thanks to Paul Arthur for this report
After some overnight rain, the sun came out and made for a very enjoyable morning completing a range of tasks. Although rather wet underfoot, we were delighted to see our first swifts of the season! Job completed were:
-Weeding of three tree squares
- Weeding apple cordons on both sides the fence (this job not yet completed)
- Scything a swathe of grass next to cordons inside bee enclosure
- Removed Bryanston Gage tree stump so that mower is not damaged
-Bagged up some tree prunings that had been piled in wildlife area. This large white bag is now in front of other tree prunings and ready for collection by Town Council staff. There are also three smaller bags containing weeds dug from around the cordons, much of which is couch grass!
-Spanish bluebells were dug up from far end of wildlife area, and put into white bag for eventual removal from site
-Southern boundary hedge saplings were checked. Most are doing well, but five are looking rather poorly, and may not survive. Some fresh spring lush growth was removed from around several saplings
-Pollinator bed weeded. Removal of mostly grass, buttercups and docks. Quite a few ox-eye daisies coming up in this bed this year
-Blanket weed removed from pond
-Grass, ivy and brambles removed from around hazels in coppice at south east corner, by use of scythe
-Brambles and other growth removed from area to the left of the bug hotel
And, at last, yellow rattle is coming up in the meadow area!