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Pond Dipping in Bridport Community Orchard
Risk Assessment

Leaders retain responsibility for risk assessment and management when bringing groups to the Bridport Community Orchard to engage in pond dipping. However, the following notes offer advice on some of the known hazards to support the risk management process. These should not replace a thorough assessment by group leaders.
Hazard: rough/uneven ground
The ground in the wildlife/pond area can be uneven and obscured by vegetation.
There is a small (c.10cm) step up to the dipping platform.
Hazard: Waterborne infections
As with any pond, there is a risk of waterborne infection.
Good hygiene should be practised.
A supply of fresh mains water is available within the pond/wildlife area.
Hazard: Slipping into pond
There is limited space available on the dipping platform and around the pond edges. Consideration should be given to managing access to the pond edge, and supervising those awaiting their turn.
Hazard: Injury from equipment
Risk of injury from equipment can be minimised by considering how it is used and instructing participants on its use. For example, dipping nets should always be carried vertically with the net end raised.
The tool shed and surrounding area house other hazardous equipment and materials. Access to these areas should be restricted.

Hazard: Bites and stings
Nettles, thistles and briar roses can all be found in the pond/wildlife area.
Stinging insects such as wasps and bees can be found in the pond/wildlife area.
Great Water Boatmen are present in the pond. This creature may nip fingers if handled.