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Grants and Funding 2011 - 2018
BCOG is immensely grateful for the generous awards, grants and donations received from the following :
A Section 106 Award of £3,460 in 2018. This also contributed to the new shed, as well as tools, and an interpretation board. £1,048.77 remains to be used.
For our new equipment shed
- Powerstock Festival Committee : £300
- Palmers Brewery: £325
- The Edith M. Ellis 1985 Charitable Trust: £650
- Bridport Area Car Boot Fund: £300
(Note: The shed was erected in March 2018, see photo opposite).
Photos on our Facebook page and the
Orchard Working Days 2018 page).

: The Community Orchard benefited from a £300 donation from Waitrose, raised by their February “Community Matters” green token collection. As the orchard continues to mature, the fruit trees are becoming more productive, and this generous donation will be used to help purchase vital apple juicing equipment.
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- £200.00 from the Powerstock Cider Festival in April.
- £8.89 donations from the Ropewalk Fair, Bridport, Sunday 10th May

Following the successful Yoga in the Orchard sessions in July & August, BCOG is delighted to have received a generous donation of £100 from the organisers.
BCOG is delighted to have been awarded a very generous grant of £844.91p from the Palmers Brewery Fund. This has enabled us to purchase:
two scythes
tools and materials for hedge laying (note: these were used when the fruiting hedge was laid in the Southern Counties style in 2015: see Orchard page for details).
edging boards, to be used for the beds on the community allotment.
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Palmers Brewery press release (September 2014)
The sum of £75 has been most kindly donated to BCOG by the
West Dorset Beekeepers' Association.
After consultation with BCOG Committee members, it has been decided that:
  • A small subgroup will now take this forward, with advice from Nick Gray (BCOG Biodiversity consultant).
    • A new bed will be dug alongside the bee enclosure, and when fully prepared will be planted with bee-friendly wild flowers. These will be sourced as plug plants from a reputable wildflower supplier, local if possible, and planted at an appropriate time of year.
    • Some recycled containers (fish boxes, large pots, etc.) will be placed around the notice board near the entrance to the Orchard from the churchyard, and will be planted with garden flowers.
    • A notice will be put up explaining that the plants have been purchased with a generous grant from WDBKA.
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- Bridport Environment Group (BEG) generously awarded BCOG a grant of £250. A part of the monies was used towards the purchase of native, local plug plants, to make a bee friendly plant border in front of the espaliers; and part used to run workshops, in conjunction with DWT, to create bee/bug habitats, using untreated materials.
- Potato Day, organised by Jude Hopkins and Marion Palmer, raised £290 for our allotment.
- Leakers kindly donated £50 from a charity collection box.
- The Lions Club: £500 for Jubilee Green
- POPP and the Co-operative Community Fund for grants for the Gardening Club (now complete)
- Waitrose - £460 from their community collectio
n for juicing kit.
- WDDC Community Fund - £350 for Jubilee Green noticeboard and bulbs for Spring 2013.
- Wessex Water - a grant for the pond; pon
d dipping equipment & rainwater harvesting kit.
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- Bridport Round Table - a donation for the purchase of an additional garden shed/storage space
- Co-operative Bank Community Fund for the Gardening Club
- Jewson Builders' Merchant – timber for the dipping platform
- Lions Club - £200 towards the purchase of apple pressing equipment
- Wessex Water - a grant towards the upkeep of the pond, also enabling us to buy pond dipping equipment and rainwater goods for the new shed.
- West Dorset District Council Coast & Countryside Team – funding for the Hedge laying Workshop.
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