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Jubilee Green working party sessions
August - December 2017

Saturday 25th November
It was agreed at a strategy meeting on Wednesday that Mitch, Nick and Paul could complete the small amount of work needed before winter was with us. So we completed the following:
- Scythed about two thirds of the bank to the south of the weeping lime, and starting about 15 feet south of the tree. The cut grass was raked up and used as a mulch around most of the fruit trees and some of the shrubs in the grid to the south of the site.
- Planted some ‘low growth’ wild flower plugs in the area just scythed. These included hawkweed, birds foot trefoil, ox-eye daisy and self-heal.
- Sowed some yellow rattle seed in the same newly cut area.
The site is now looking quite tidy, and will easily get through the winter without the need for any further maintenance work.
(Thanks to Paul Arthur)
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Sunday, 22nd October
It was encouraging to see that six of us turned up at Jubilee Green this morning to do the October maintenance. Showers threatened us throughout the session, but just managed to hold off. The grass at both top and bottom of the bank had been mown by the Town Council and the site looked pretty well maintained, but there was thick, tussocky grass amongst the young coppice trees on the bank opposite the Medlar. Lin, Stella, Robin and Mitch made a thorough job of shearing and removing this, including uprooting several Sumach suckers which had migrated from the garden next door and would become invasive if left.
Robin trimmed the grass around the bench at the roadside. Christine applied tree grease to the fruit trees and she and Mitch picked our largest crop of medlars to date. They then reverted to grass shearing and scything of the path verge, respectively. No large-scale scything was tackled as the grass was saturated after all the rain. Punishingly heavy work for a small team.
Jill served a very civilised elevenses (with chocolate biscuits) which was much appreciated. Whilst we sat and chatted, a fairly recently arrived Bridport resident, walking her dog up onto Allington Hill, stopped to find out more about the orchard and its activities, then asked to be added to our mailing list!
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Sunday, 24th September 2017
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An early morning effort from Nick followed by three members of the committee at 10.00, plus Jill supplying much appreciated refreshments. No volunteers this morning. Much time was spent on the grass: Two hours scything and humping the cut grass up the hill is extremely hard work! Some of the fruit trees are struggling - in part due to the relatively exposed site. The trees in the copse areas are doing well and are now of a size where they should be able to pretty much fend for themselves. The south east facing bank is a environment that needs some thought as to species we need to introduce in order to develop the biodiversity.
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Sunday 27th August
It was a hot, sunny calm morning. Eight volunteers turned out to tackle a range of maintenance tasks at Jubilee Green, which included:
- Grass and weeds were trimmed from around all of the whips in the copse area. Bindweed is beginning to make a renewed appearance, and this was carefully removed from the shrubs it had taken a likening towards! It was most prevalent in the top righthand corner.
- The whole of the bank to the north was scythed. The grass was bagged up and stashed to the left of the path that leads up to Allington Hill.
- The grass had been cut by the Town Council on Friday afternoon. Grass around all the fruit trees was scythed and removed.
- Grass from around all of the shrubs in the grid to the south of the site was scythed, and removed, and stashed to the left of the path.
After our efforts, and Town Council mowing, the site looks better than it has all year!
(Thanks to Paul Arthur for this report)
23rd August, 7.30 a.m.
Ten volunteers benefitted from a dry, late summer early morning to mow the meadow area of Jubilee Green. This is the area at the top of the site, in the northwest quadrant.  We had a very successful and productive session, with five scythes at work, and five people gallantly raking up grass and stashing it close to the path that leads up to Allington Hill. We were all extremely grateful when Jill arrived at 8.30 with a car full of breakfast goodies, much needed by a group of hungry and thirsty volunteers! We probably cut a larger area than we had hoped. What remains to be done now, is for the bank to the north of the weeping lime to be cut, either at the work party on Sunday, or the one in September (or another intermediate work party dedicated to this task). Then the bank to the south of the weeping lime to be mown with scythes in October. (Thanks to Paul Arthur)
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