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Jubilee Green Orchard
Working sessions 2018

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Sunday 28th January
The weather was dry, rather cloudy (though some sunshine late morning) and unusually mild.

A team of five people pruned all of the fruit trees, which was a combined training and pruning session. The trees are getting quite big now, so this took about two and a half hours! The trees seem in quite good shape.
Sunday 22nd April (thanks to Paul Arthur for this report)
Eight volunteers turned out on a very dull and rather chilly morning. There was sea fog rolling in from time to time, though it did brighten up towards the end. Achievements were:
Trimmed grass and weeded around all the fruit trees.
Trimmed grass around all the shrubs in the grid to the south of the site, and the small copse of hazel and hawthorn to the southeast.
Stashed all cut grass at the top of the copse area, underneath the large ash tree.
We removed an apple tree that had been damaged beyond repair. It was the
Pitmaston Pineapple. We cut it right down to ground level. We now have eight remaining fruit trees, and don’t intend to replace this tree.
We fed some of the fruit trees.
There were a number of bluebells, and wood
anemones coming up amongst the grid of shrubs. After much discussion, we agreed we would ask the Town Council to leave this area uncut until mid to late May to allow these flowers to give a bit of a show and seed themselves. This is an ongoing action; Ian has already been in touch with Daryl about this.
There was cuckoo flower scattered across the whole of the site (the food plant of the orange tip butterfly).
Ann Riley, one of the volunteers in attendance, has volunteered to transplant some wild flowers from the bank that is due to be mown, to the part of the bank that is not to be mown.

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