Jubilee Green working party reports 2021
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July 2021
Jubilee Green is looking good at the moment. The grass growth has been strong thanks to the rain. It is hoped the whole area will be mowed by the Council (including the bank) during the week of 19th or 26th July.
A small group of volunteers has carried out some apple thinning. Apple tree "Warrior" has some vertical cracks in different places all around the bark. They appear to be dry and clean and there are no signs of disease or insect infestation. Otherwise, the tree looks fine and should survive.
25th April
We had an excellent two hour session on Sunday morning and welcomed a new volunteer, Luisa (Lou) Orza, as well as Ann Riley, Harriet Horniman, David Pencheon and Sally LLoyd.
We were pleasantly surprised that the grass on the flat areas had been removed thanks to BTC's new mower, so we were able to focus on cutting the grass immediately round the trees and removing all the cut grass, as well as some general tidying up.
There was a cool wind at first, but later as it warmed up we saw an orange tip butterfly. One of its food plants is the cuckoo flower (ladies smock) and this was plentiful in the uncut grass, but there is no blossom yet other than the blackthorn which has now been in flower for a couple of months. We also saw a caterpillar on the alkanet - see photo. I'll buy a drink at our next social for whoever identifies it !
The area has been given a lighter touch with the mowing, and we will seek feedback from the local residents, but comments from passers-by on the day were consistently complimentary, especially on the newly refurbished benches. Currently the next work party is scheduled for August.
Thanks to Robin Boston for this report

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