black and white beeThe Orchard Bees
Report No.4 from beekeeper Jim Binning: October 2012

The bees are making the most of the weather and are out foraging when they can. A lot of the bees are returning to the hive covered in white pollen. It appears that this is from Himalayan Balsam, which is abundant at this time of year. This can be seen in the video clip at http://youtube/_FK8bS18BZ8. I took the clip on my mobile while squatting next to the hive to watch the bees' mood and movement.

The mood of the bees has improved since I started feeding them with sugar syrup. It is not something I wanted to do but felt as this was their first year they needed a bit of help to store their reserves for winter. They now have more energy and have started to make a bit more comb into which they are storing this feed.

Feeding the bees only involves taking the lid off and not going into the hive nest itself. The process only takes a few minutes. However, I am spending more time in the apiary because people enjoying the orchard are taking the trouble to come up and talk to me. Without exception , everyone has been very enthusiastic and it always give me pleasure to talk about the bees.