Jubilee Green
Updates 2015

The whips planted in early summer have taken well, with only about 15% loss, which is acceptable as the losses are distributed fairly evenly over the planted area. The plan is to underplant with shade-tolerant species such as wild strawberry, foxglove. This may be delayed until autumn 2016, to allow for possible re-treatment of any bindweed which returns this coming season.

September 15th
This is what five people achieved yesterday evening:
• Scythed the whole of the bank to the north of the weeping lime, which adjoins the patch scythed last Thursday morning
• Scythed most of bank to south of the weeping lime, endeavouring to taper towards the end of the patch, but maybe another 10 feet to go (we ran out of usable light!)
• Raked up cut grass and placed it around recently planted whips and the established shrubs to south of the area, to act as a mulch
• Weeded round all five remaining fruit trees
• Sowed yellow rattle seed in areas cut during this session and last Thursday.
This is probably the last work party for this year. Nick (Gray) and I have agreed that as we’ll be having monthly work parties next year, we’ll be able to keep the banks trimmed to a more reasonable height, and this in turn should encourage wild flowers such as birds foot trefoil to flourish. Paul Arthur

September early morning scything. Click here for photos

25th August: A group of us turned up at around 6.40 a.m. for the scything session at Jubilee Green. It was still dry at that time, but it was decided that scything wasn't appropriate, due the rain overnight. The small trees re-planted from the main orchard during the Spring Bank Holiday weekend are enjoying the rain!

16th June: Twelve of us arrived at Jubilee Green yesterday evening to do some 'orchard keeping’, mostly scything, weeding and raking around the trees and the benches. We also watered in the small trees re-planted a few weeks ago on the Spring Bank holiday weekend. It has been a lovely hot sunny day and this was hot work, but the weather was cooler later in the evening.

May 24th: 10.30 a.m. - planting the little tree whips this morning. Photos and text: here

The laurel stumps have now been removed and the area can be planted with the tree whips growing on in the main Orchard site.


The yellow rattle sown last year is germinating well - hopefully this will weaken the grass in these areas enough to let us plug in some wildflowers.

Work session - 11 March.
Paul and Nick arranged this sunrise meeting. The yellow rattle area was scythed and the cut grass stacked next to the electricity sub-station.