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Jubilee Green
Updates 2013 & 2012
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10th November:
- A new stake fixed to the rowan tree, to make it more secure.
- Checked the proposed site for the new hedging whips from the Woodland Trust - these will be planted (February 2014) after the laurels have been removed by the Town Council.
- Reviewed Nick Gray's selected new area for sowing yellow rattle (around the Jubilee Oak in the north western corner). Seeds need to be sown in the next two weeks. Working party will be organised to scythe, rake up and sow.
- A Clouded Yellow butterfly was spotted feeding on dandelions!
- A fine crop of medlars harvested.

clouded yellow JubGreen

June 28th:
A fine evening gave a chance to rake up the cut grass. The Stubbard has apples!


A work party - Geoff Ackerman, Martin and Maggie Ray, and BCOG volunteers - dug up and removed the original "Jubilee Oak", which was not thriving. A new quercus robur has been planted on the green close to the original site.

Adam's Pearmain blossom buds

February 10th:
200 snowdrops planted - 20 clumps of 10 plants each, between the three existing ornamental trees and the start of the grove planted last year.
Grease bands reapplied to the fruit trees to trap some of the wingless female moths before they reach the branches. Winter moth is the most important of these moths, emerging as an adult during November to mid-January.

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Updates 2012

November 11th
A working party of volunteers planted over 300 Spring bulbs: wild daffodils, bluebells and wood anemones. Snowdrops will be planted in February when they are "in the green". Some of the trees which appeared to be dead are showing new growth inside their plastic protectors.

11 volunteers led by Nick Gray scythed and cut the grass on the  swathe of the grassy slope in front of the native tree saplings. The grass was raked up and mulched round the trees, then the area was scarified and yellow rattle seed broadcast. This is the initial preparation for the sowing of native wild flower seeds, to create a small wild flower meadow.


The new noticeboard is in place. The grass has been cut, and most of the trees are doing well. On 22nd July a work party cleared couch grass and weeds from the base of the trees and the cut grass applied as mulch. Some of the smallest, lowest branches of the fruit trees were removed.

Fruit on the medlar tree

All the trees planted in March are doing well and in leaf, including the Jubilee Oak. Several of the apple trees are blossoming.


April 15th
The Town Council has cut the grass and spread it as mulch round the trees. Most of the trees are now in leaf.

23rd March
New leaves are unfurling on the whips and buds are developing on some of the bigger trees.


Photos: Sheila Hawkins