Jubilee Green Work parties, 2016

Sunday 20th November
We had a very successful work party at Jubilee Green this morning. After the deluge of last night, the sun shone and there was virtually not a breath of wind! Six people completed the following tasks:
  • Mowed the plateau of grass at the top northwest corner of the site. We did two cuts, one at the highest cut, and the second to give us the shortest possible cut. It worked well and now looks fantastic, so shouldn’t need any more attention now until the Spring. We ‘lost’ the grass cuttings just off the path leading up to Allington Hill.
  • Removed tree guards from the shrubs towards the south of the patch
  • Trimmed grass from around most of the shrubs, the oak tree and some of the apple trees too
  • Weeded around all of the apple trees
  • Cut the grass around the whips in the new copse
We wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of this without Malcolm transporting all of the tools in his van. So thank you very Malcolm for your services there; it does show that these larger jobs are totally dependent on suitable transport being available to us.
Thanks to Paul Arthur
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Tuesday 11th October
It was a balmy, mild, mid-autumn evening, perfect conditions for the eight volunteers to complete a range of tasks, including:
Weeding around trees in copse, and cutting some of the grass around the trees too. It was pleasing to note that, despite fears earlier in the season, the bindweed menace has failed to materialise this year, so that is very good news!
Some apples picked, ready for juicing. These included about 30 Golden Ball medlars, which will be bletted and transformed into an attractive delicacy ready for sale at Christmas Cheer, and other sales opportunities.
The remainder of bank was scythed, the grass raked up and stashed at back of the copse area.
The cut area then scarified (several times) and wildflower seed sown, including yellow rattle and corky-fruited water dropwort.
By now the gathering gloom was getting the upper hand!
Paul Arthur
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Tuesday 13th September
Seven hard working volunteers turned out to enjoy a balmy, humid, calm evening after a day of thunderstorms. Tasks were wide ranging, and had been designed to prepare the site for the transition to the autumn and winter half of the year. Achievements included:

- Weeding around the whips in the copse, and tidying the area in general
- Weeding around all of the fruit trees, and cutting the grass there too
- Scything about two thirds of the bank to the south of the weeping lime tree, raking up the grass and stashing it at the top end of the copse, and mulching around a few of the mature trees to the south of the site
- Scarifying the whole area that had been scythed
- Sowing yellow rattle and other wild flower seeds, including bird’s foot trefoil, in the newly cut area
- Planting plugs of several wild flowers in the bank

At the next work party in early October, we aim to scythe the bank to the north of the site and sow the remaining yellow rattle there. Sean should be mowing there this week.
Tuesday 16th August
We had a wonderfully sunny warm evening for our work party at Jubilee Green. Nine volunteers (8 committee plus Jon Knorpel) joined in the fun. Main achievements were:
Weeding around all nine fruit trees, and trimming grass around circles too
Weeding around shrubs in coppice area. Fortunately, the few shrubs that have died have done so on an even basis, so we now have a reasonably good even distribution across the coppice area. Some, such as the silver birch, have grown well this year
Scythed the meadow plateau area at northwest of site. The grass was very tough in places, and battered down by rain (probably that we had on 1st August), but between four of us we got it cut as short as was possible. The grass was raked up and stashed at top end of the coppice area. The cut area was then scarified.
About 50 gm of yellow rattle was fortified with some corky-fruited water dropwort, and other wild flower seed, mixed with sand and scattered over area. We had a good number of bare patches of soil, so hopefully we’ll get good germination this time

Malcolm kindly ferried the scythes and rakes to and fro. The work party finished at 7.10 pm.
Working Evening : 12th July
Malcolm, David, Christine, Mitch, Nick and Ian

We were able to work in lovely evening sunshine and blue skies after what had been a very showery, overcast day.
Malcolm delivered the scythes, rakes and other tools necessary to complete the tasks that had been identified.
We set about scything the grass around all of the trees, and weeding the tree circles.
The grass around the whips in the bank was sheared back and the wild barley cut, raked and disposed of.
A broken branch was removed with a tidy saw cut to reduce the risk if infection.
Nick was able to collect some yellow rattle seed.
The warm wet weather has produced very lush growth of the desirable and undesirable plants!
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Tuesday 14th June: 6.00 p.m start.
Despite a couple of showers, we were able to work all the way through our one and a half hour slot. Mitch, Christine, Ian, Gill and Paul turned up.
We cut the grass around all of the nine fruit trees, using scythe and shears. We also weeded all the tree circles. The most challenging task was to clear the grass and wildflower growth from around the whips in the copse. The recent rain and warmth had created some very lush and strong growth. By the time we had finished the patch looked much more tidy and appeared as though somebody was looking after it! There was some bindweed in the copse area, though so far not as prevalent as we had earlier feared. We will still mention it to Daryl in our next list of jobs though. We stashed all of the cut grass at the top of the copse area. We noticed that a patch of yellow rattle to the north of the weeping lime is very strong and clearly suppressing the grass growth. Unfortunately yellow rattle elsewhere was extremely patchy, and will need resowing in the autumn. We also noticed that a few ox-eye daisies are in flower, and, maybe the star of the show, at least two corky-fruited water dropworts in flower!

Tuesday 12th April 6.00 p.m.
Jubilee Green's turn at a lovely evening session. Only five of us but we completed what we had planned to do in just over an hour:
- Weeded around the whips planted last year around the bank
- Replaced about 10 whips from the stock held at the main orchard
- Weeded and cut the grass around the nine fruit trees
- Trialled the use of Malcolm's battery powered lawnmower.
Jill also called in to enjoy the view in the sun.
Jobs to do at the next meeting :
- enlarge the weed-free circles around the fruit trees and cutting the grass surrounding
the circles
- weed around the whips
- dig out docks
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Monday 14th March
Thirteen volunteers braved the cool wind to attend the first Jubilee Green Work Party of the season. We scythed virtually the whole of the wild meadow area, which includes the (reasonably) flat area around the Jubilee Oak tree, and much of the steep bank. Most of these areas had been sown with yellow rattle seed, though we didn’t see one plant coming up! Still, plenty of time yet. We had also planted some wildflower plugs at various stages last year. So all of this wild flower growth will have a much better opportunity to thrive. We also scythed around some of the trees and shrubs we planted at the southern end of the site. A number of people gallantly helped with the raking of the cut grass, which was used as a mulch around the saplings we planted last year. Also, all of the nine tree circles were weeded.
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