Jubilee Green: Planting the Woodland Trust tree whips, 24th May 2015

Early on Sunday morning of the Spring bank holiday weekend (May 24th) 8-10 volunteers turned up in the orchard to dig up some tree whips, to be re-planted beside the path at Jubilee Green. The area (formerly full of overgrown laurel bushes and weeds) was cleared by Bridport Town Council, who kindly provided the heavy machinery to do the job.
Up at Park Road, after about 10 large bags of bindweed and other weed roots were dug out, 50 little trees were then planted with stakes and guards, and watered into the newly cleared land. So now there’s a mixed small copse of silver birch, hazel, hawthorn, dog rose, blackthorn and rowan. Wildflowers and spring bulbs will be planted here later.
Jill Lloyd
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