Jubilee Green
(formerly Park Road Green Space)
Location map here
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This small area of open space at the top of Park Road, with lovely views across the town to the sea, is now owned by Bridport Town Council, and managed by them in partnership with Bridport Community Orchard group (BCOG).

In March 2012, 24 fruit and deciduous trees were planted here, thanks to generous funding from the Lions Club of Bridport, as part of the Lions International tree planting initiative.
Please click here to access a copy of BCOG's tree register (.pdf document). Jubilee Green's trees are listed on p.4.
Funds to support management of the area for the first year were also given. The total grant was for £500.
WDDC awarded £360 from the Community Fund, which has paid for a craftsman-designed and made noticeboard, and also spring flowering bulbs, which were planted in the autumn.

On August 8th 2012, representatives of all those involved in this project met together on Jubilee Green. Those present included The Mayor and Mayoress of Bridport, David and Anne Rickard, and 3 other Town Councillors; Don Morley, President of the Lions club of Bridport and 7 or 8 other "Lions"; Councillor David Tett, representing WDDC; Colin Crabb, of Vertiworks, who made the noticeboard; Jane Dibdin, a local resident; Jill Lloyd, chair of BCOG, and 3 other members.

Jubilee Green Noticeboard 08082012

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Jubilee Green - older information (2012 - 2016)
- Original Project Proposal
- Letter (February 2012) from the Chair of BCOG to local residents and community groups
- Aerial map (showing plantings, taken January 2014)
- Call for Volunteers
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For a larger scale, interactive map showing the location of Jubilee Green, please click the link below: