Laying the Orchard hedge: Saturday 7th February 2015

Exactly six years after planting 350 twigs and calling it a hedge, 15 volunteers from the Bridport Community Orchard spent Saturday nearly cutting them all down again! In fact, they were ‘laying’ the hedge – a traditional technique for ensuring it continues to be a useful stock proof barrier. The results of a long day’s work, fuelled by fire-baked potatoes, were very impressive and it is well worth a visit to this peaceful haven in the centre of town to see what community effort to work in a sustainable way can achieve.
The hedge-laying project was supported by funding from Palmers Brewery Fund, with expertise from Nick Gray of Dorset Wildlife Trust and Andy Jefferies of Wild Days Conservation. Natural coppice materials used in the hedge were supplied by the Prime Coppice Working Woodland project (see sidebar for more information).
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Above and below left: the hedge as it was

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UPDATE April 2015
Our laid fence is 'greening' very well!

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