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Events in St Mary's Church Field Orchard
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On the second Sunday in January, Bridport Community Orchard celebrates Wassail, the first event in Bridport’s busy calendar. Here the visitors are invited to join in the celebration of the apple trees, encourage a bumper harvest, and savour the delights of hand pressed hot apple juice made from orchard apples, and local cider. The event is focused around the telling of traditional Wassail stories.

If you'd like to find out more background and history, please click here

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In 2019, Bridport Community Orchard Group added a Spring event to our two established celebrations of Wassail in January and Apple Day in October. May has a long history of being the month of springtime revelry. All over the world, communities through the ages have marked our emergence from the dark and lean months of winter with a variety of exciting celebrations.
In May, the orchard wears her springtime finery as the trees bear beautiful blossom. Flowers are appearing everywhere; birds are nesting; the temperature is rising and there are increasingly more daylight hours. What better time to welcome people in to share an afternoon of traditional May festivities in our beautiful orchard?

More background and history available to read here

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Apple Day!

Bridport Community Orchard celebrates all things ‘apple’ with an annual Apple Day that is held in October, normally on the second Saturday of the month. This event has a wide range of attractions including freshly pressed apple juice, apple tasting, cider, light lunches and cakes (often apple related!), children’s entertainment, music, and a Mummers Play!

More Apple Day background and history available to read here

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big green apple copy Photos from all our events are available on our Facebook pages (link left)

And a little bit more history…..

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Archaeological finds in St Mary's Field: Apple Day, October 2014
A new event - the archaeological dig! Click here for a report and slideshow of finds.

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