Community Gardening Group
Working afternoons 2016

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28th April
A lot of hard work digging, clearing and planting!
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Thursday 7th April
It was rather showery today at the community allotment but we managed to get through this week's tasks without getting too wet. The polytunnel was washed down inside and out to get rid of the green algae growth. We also sowed Chloe's raised bed with some salad seeds to keep her plot going while she recovers from her latest operation. Hopefully she'll be able to come and harvest the crop later in the season.
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Part of the soil had been covered with carpet for some time and when we lifted it we found the ground underneath was quite workable so, after relocating several frogs, it was given a good dig and then planted with potatoes.
The rest of the plot had been taken over by weeds and couch grass so one of our members, Mitch, suggested he could lay a cardboard and compost mulch to sort it out during this season. This is nearly complete and while the cardboard rots down we can plant salad - type crops in the overlaying compost.
We marked out a space in front of the shed, and laid some weed-suppressing fabric and bark.
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Thursday 31st March
The first successful session in the community allotment was excellent with 16 people turning up. Many people from the Memory Café came and got stuck in to digging a bit of the new plot. The word is being passed to see if other people from the café want to have a small plot to start a vegetable bed. A sterling job of sorting out the pile of rubbish was carried out by Hugh & Colin. All the burnable stuff was put in a neat pile at the bottom of the orchard ready for the next bonfire. The remainder left a manageable amount of things to be taken to the tip which has now been done so the new plot is clear and digging can commence! Mitch & Charles raked up all the cuttings from the triangle that Charles mowed the other day and the others started some seed sowing - broad beans, carrots, turnips etc. Jenn and Colin moved their old bench down and put it in front of the new shed - it looks lovely and is in an ideal sunny spot to stop for a rest.
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March 2016: This month, the Community Allotment has increased in size as we have been allocated another plot just adjacent to the existing one. It's fair to say that it's not in wonderful condition and will need quite a bit of effort to get it back to "working order". Some of the team made a start at the March Orchard Working Morning, mainly to tidy the site and get all the rubbish into one pile. Malcolm and his team also had a go at straightening up shed which was listing somewhat! It looks a lot better now and will provide valuable storage space.
I hope to divide the some of the new allotment into smaller plots which will be allocated to people along the same lines as the raised beds. Now that Spring is here the weekly allotment meetings have started again - Thursdays, 2.00 - 4.00 p.m. as usual. We already have a few new faces this year and I hope that more will come along to make the most of our new expanded plot.