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Archaeological finds during Apple Day 2014
in the Orchard and from the allotments
BCOG is very grateful to Robert Lancaster for providing this exciting information!
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"The enjoyable mini-excavation for children in the Community Orchard last year produced quite a few finds, all from the topsoil.
Most were 19th and 20th century pieces of transfer printed pottery (
photo 1: go to the link to the slideshow, below) and some 18th to 19th century pottery from Verwood in East Dorset. The oldest finds were a few pieces of medieval pottery. One is from a glazed jug, probably 13th century, and two pieces of cooking pot or jar of about the same age.
There were also a number of fragments of clay tobacco pipe (photo 2) including part of a bowl made by John or James Skeines between 1830 and 1875 in either Southampton or Salisbury.
Cultivation of the allotments has brought to the surface a number of finds including part of a Dr. Roberts of Bridport ointment pot (photo 3), a piece of white salt glazed stoneware bowl with blue decoration that was made between about 1720 to 1770 (photo 4) and part of a slipware dish, probably made in south Somerset in the 17th or 18th centuries (photo 5).
All these bits and pieces help to tell the story of Bridport."
Robert Lancaster

If you have made any finds in your garden or elsewhere and would like them identified, please contact Robert Lancaster by e-mail at:

☀️ PLEASE CLICK HERE to view the slideshow of photos.


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