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St Mary's Church Field Orchard
Info for working party sessions, 2020
Next working party session: Sunday 9th February 2020.
Details posted nearer the date
St Mary's Church Field Orchard
from working sessions 2020
Links to illustrated reports of our 2020 Orchard working sessions will be posted here as soon as they become available.
1. January 12th 2020

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The Community Allotment
Working group reports 2020
2020 working sessions: first date 6th February

Reports from 2019

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Jubilee Green working sessions 2020
Work party details and reports
First working party 2020: January 26th 10.00 a.m.
Primarily for tree pruning, but also to do a little bit of tidying up, and putting a notice on the notice board re: grass management

Read the reports from 2019

Events in
St Mary's Church Field Orchard

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Looking for a list of all the trees in St Mary's Church field orchard and at Jubilee Green orchard?
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