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Jubilee Green working sessions 2020

Thursday 28th May 2020 (thanks to Paul Arthur for this report)
Seven volunteers had a very successful and enjoyable work party at Jubilee Green this morning. The weather was fantastic, the birds (at least one blackcap) were singing, and the butterflies were flying (speckled wood, holly blue). 

We noticed there was a lot of corky-fruited water-dropwort on the bank, along with knapweed, cranes-bill, birds-foot trefoil etc, coming up on the bank, which was a joy to see. Also, the silver birch that we had planted last year is thriving, and the wild service tree (a rare tree in the wild, but planted by us some years ago) is looking a real picture. We had several people complimenting us on our efforts.

Jobs included:
  • raking up the cut grass from the whole of the top (plateau) area
  • trimming grass with shears around the medlar (which is heavily laden with fruit)
  • cutting small tree circles around four of the smallest shrubs in the grid of shrubs to the southwest of the site
  • securing stakes on two of the apple trees where they had become loose
  • ‘topping off’ with the scythe some stray areas of longer grass on the plateau area at the top, and around the oak tree
  • all cut grass was stashed at the back of the copse area underneath the ash tree.
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Sunday 26th January
Despite the very inclement conditions, eight people turned out with great enthusiasm! Some good jobs were done, and these were:
  • About half of the apple trees were pruned. The remaining four will be pruned at a later date, quite possibly Wednesday afternoon. Some of these will need pruning at height.
  • An apple tree that had been cut off at ground level over a year ago had sprouted a number of suckers, so these were all removed.
  • About 25% of the trees and shrubs underneath the ash tree had the grass growth removed from around their bases, and grass that had grown quite tall in amongst some of their branches was removed, too.
  • Sumac continues to sprout up in various places in the coppice, so this was cut off at ground level, and the prunings taken to the tip for disposal.
  • Some wooden debris, mostly fallen branches was removed from the site.
  • The notice board was repaired. It became apparent that the front door panel was not closing properly at the top, so by lifting the panel gently and then closing, the locks could be properly secured. A laminated notice depicting our work party dates for 2020 was inserted, and the Wassail poster removed. The black tape that had been keeping the front securely shut was removed.
  • Some pieces of rubbish from across the site were disposed of in the bin.
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