BCOG Policies & Management
In order to have a long term plan for the development, maintenance and exploitation of our wonderful orchard assets, we need a long term vision looking into the future. This includes day to day routine support and maintenance, such as cutting grass, or picking apples, but also longer term developments that provide true benefits to the community, such as the addition of a bug hotel, or building an additional shed.
Plans and funding are needed for this, and the following documents describe how this is intended to be achieved:

The Management Plan shows our detailed plans taking us up to the year 2022.

The Strategy shows a snapshot of some of the tasks and projects that are needed to keep the orchards vibrant, fit for purpose and welcoming to all visitors.

Please click on a link in the boxes below to read or download:
BCOG's Management Plan (revised June 2017). Please note that as this is a very large file (37 pages), it may take a little while to download.
The BCOG policies listed below may be obtained strictly upon request. Please use our Contact Form (this will be sent directly to the BCOG Secretary).

Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection
Financial Management
Health and Safety and Risk Assessment (examples for Apple Day, Pond Dipping and Work Parties)
Data Protection
Grass Management

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